About Wells Tech

Pioneers in providing Monitoring &
Packaging services since 2003

We are a one-stop shop for all your Cold Chain needs.

15+ years of experience in Cold Chain

food, pharmaceutical, and industrial domain has taught us the unique requirements that each of these industries
have to meet according to the established guidelines, regulations and practices.

Therefore, we understand the value chain of transporting temperature-sensitive products from one place to another. Our customer portfolio and the variety of services we provide, have continuously grown and we have worked with some of the largest US organizations to design, develop and integrate cold chain solutions. We have the expertise in all areas of cold chain solutions, starting from developing Temperature Monitoring Devices to deploying Packaging Solutions to delivering Real Time Reports.


To become one of the leading Extended Engineering Partners for cold
chain technology implementation by continuously providing high
return on investment.


Rigorously study, analyze, innovate and support the trends in monitoring, packaging
and the future of cold chain shipments.