Cold Chain Monitoring

Get real-time alerts

and stay aware of the condition of the
cargo throughout the trip

Environmental factors

such as temperature, humidity and light as well as shock, vibration and pressure can have a significant impact on the supply chain of certain goods such as Pharmaceutical, Food and Industrial products.

Moreover, you no longer have to wait until a shipment reaches its final destination to know the condition of the cargo. You’ll know throughout the trip. We will make all the data available online through intelligent maps, interactive graphs, customizable reports and one-click downloads.

Wells Tech Services in Cold Chain Monitoring

  • Core Product Development

  • PCB Layout, Hardware & Firmware development with Temperature, Humidity, Impact, Tilt, CO2 sensors, Data Loggers & Temperature Monitors

  • Data Download & Configuration

  • Develop software applications to download & configure data through RF, USB, Bluetooth, BLE

  • Location Tracking

  • Capitalize GSM, GPS, GPRS to effectively track device location to ensure proper visibility of the Cold Chain

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Develop software applications to remotely monitor Network & Device communication in order to easily resolve issues

As a specialized engineering service provider,

WellsTech offers its clients with expanded technology options and greater flexibility to make sure
your products leave and arrive at its point of destination in a much secured way.

Our Cold Chain Monitoring Value-Chain Analysis

Starting from competitive analysis to development of devices to packaging,
Wells Tech offers a 360° solution to meet your Cold Chain needs.

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Understand client needs

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Find the right, cost effective components

  • Preparation of Bill of Materials

  • Focusing on both cost reduction and quality material

  • Project, Resource &
    Budget Management

  • Prototype Development of a Monitoring Device, PCB Design, Firmware and Hardware

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Final production data warehousing & analytics, real-Time data collection, visualization & management tool, development on web, desktop or mobile

  • Interactive Reports

  • With Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision Making, Enterprise Data Management, Collaboration, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Custom Application.