Cold Chain Packaging

The products will always arrive
in the best condition

if there are preventive temperature
control solutions.

Wells Tech Services in Cold Chain Packaging

  • Materials Selection

  • (Finding & Liaising with the right Vendor for PCM, VIP, RSC & EPS)

  • Packaging Design

  • (Computer Aided Thermal designing for various types of packages considering the Payload, Dimension, Position and Weight of each component inside the package. Tools used: AutoCAD, Solidworks etc.)

  • Packaging Simulation

  • (Perform simulation using industry wide tools such as ANSYS, SmartCAE etc.)

  • Prototyping, Testing & Qualifying

  • (Build prototype, test and qualify based on the ISTA profile required before final production & mass manufacturing)

Our 15+ years of experience in this industry

has broadened our vision and have given us sufficient visibility of how the packaging
works for different client needs such as Active, Passive and Hybrid packaging.

Our Cold Chain Packaging Value-Chain Analysis

It’s vital to ensure that when those products reach the destination, they are
just as effective and safe as they left the production line.

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Consideration of Payload, Temperature & ISTA Profile

  • Design/Phase R&D

  • Dimensions, position & weight of components; RSC, EPS, VIP & PCM

  • Competitive R&D

  • Selection of right, cost effective components in the local market

  • Project, Resource & Budget Management

  • Budget management strategies will keep your project budget under control

  • Package Simulation

  • Using market leading tools such as CAD, Solidworks, SmartCAE, ANSYS etc.

  • Quality Assurance & testing

  • Following ISTA standards, release prototype, mass manufacturing