Cold Chain Advantage

Organizations in the cold chain industry are
faced with numerous challenges

when trying to implement the whole cold chain
management process

Advantages of working with us

  • Reduce Device Cost,
    Build Better Device

  • Preparing Bill of Materials (BoM) based on our local market R&D to find out better yet cheaper components to reduce overall cost of production, Developing faster device Configuration Time & Optimizing Power Consumption, adding support for localized device frequency on any part of the world

  • Reduce Product Spoilage

  • Reducing damage due to bad handling, Improving packaging efficiency, Detecting hotspots promptly, using reusable packaging or shipping containers

  • Adherence to Industry Standards & Regulations

  • Such as HIPAA. NIST, FDA, ISTA etc.

  • Reducing Packaging costs

  • Finding & Liaising with the right Vendor for cost-effective and quality materials selection for cold chain packaging