Our Story

WellsTech offers a complete solution
for Monitoring Devices

such as Data Loggers, Temperature Monitors, CO2 Loggers,
and Humidity Recorders.

We have different teams working to make sure your device is cost-effective,
perfectly engineered and environmental friendly.

  • WellsTech R&D

  • ensures a cheaper, yet much better product and components than any other you would find in the market

  • WellsTech Engineering

  • makes device based on the requirements using the acquired skills of Embedded Engineering and Firmware development

  • WellsTech Business

  • provides you insights to improve your requirements and assist you in decision-making

  • WellsTech Database

  • manages your confidential data and gives you the information you need for better decision making

  • WellsTech System &
    Network Administration

  • Keeps your data safe, secure and
    ensure compliance with FDA, HIPPA, NIST, ISO and ISTA

Our Device Engineering services at a glance

  • Application Layer

  • Service Interface, UI, Audio, Display, Frameworks, Tool Chains.
  • ===
  • Middleware Layer

  • Protocol Stack & Messaging Framework, OS Abstraction Layer.
  • ===
  • Platform Layer

  • Device Driver Development, OS Hardware Abstraction & Platform Services.
  • ===
  • Physical Layer

  • µC, µP, DSP, BUS, IO & Peripherals, Analog, Digital, SOC, FPGA, ASIC.
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Your Packaging need is our Priority

We go against all odds to safely drive your packaging needs beyond expectations

Wells Tech works with manufacturers & third-party vendors for temperature-sensitive shipping needs, including active shipping containers, passive shipping containers, gel packs, phase changing materials and monitoring devices.
Our solutions are designed to adhere to the ISTA standards for different types of packaging for example, ISTA 3H, ISTA 7D etc. They are also tested in ISTA-certified testing labs. Our packaging engineers can help ensure that your products will arrive within the specified temperature range and undamaged from the hazards of distribution. Due to the increasing demand for shipment of temperature-sensitive products where the payload size is typically small to medium scale, the need for Passive packaging is high in demand due to its advantages. Usage of active and hybrid packaging will incur higher costs for shipment as well as monitoring it. Our passive packaging expertise will ensure that the products hold tighter temperatures, can be shipped anywhere as well as apply reverse logistics capabilities for reuse in accordance to helping the environment.
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